Charles Black
Founder and CEO

Charles has been passionate about space since he was a child. He is an experienced entrepreneur having taken his first company, cloud computing business Nasstar plc, from a start-up (started in his bedroom) to be listed on London Stock Exchange. Charles’s life long dream has been to create space television and to make space accessible to humanity, building a key component of multi-planetary infrastructure.

Shaun Kenyon
Chief Engineer

Shaun has ten years’ experience of space systems engineering and R&D management, including experiencing the full mission lifecycle from feasibility study to manufacturing, test, launch and operations. He has been involved in 9 missions and was the Lead System Engineer at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) for the UK’s first CubeSat, STRaND-1. Shaun was also the instigator of the Carbonite-1 mission. Shaun is an alumnus of Southampton University, with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering with Astronautics, and has travelled around the world in 80 days.

Dr Edmund Simons
Lead Electronics Engineer

Satellite engineer with five years experience in the space industry. BSc. Electronics (1st Class); MSc. Space Technology and Planetary Exploration, awarded with merit; PhD completed in Advanced Receiver Design for Modernised Global Navigation Satellite Systems signals. Previously Research Fellow in Systems and Avionics at the University of Surrey, Surrey Space Centre. Worked with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd on the UK’s first ever CubeSat, STRaND-1.

Matt Marter
Machine Learning Engineer

Matt is completing his PhD study in 2016 on computer vision and machine learning with topics including deep learning, caption generation, face and location recognition. Matt completed his undergraduate degree in electronic and computer engineering at the University of Surrey in 2012 (1st Class with honours). His degree included a 12 month placement at Sharp Laboratories of Europe working on software for head tracked 3D displays.