About sen

Sen's vision is to build a space television network generating its own original content, filming space objects and events with a network of video camera satellites which extends from Earth's orbit to deep space destinations, bringing space to everyone at an affordable price.

Sen will build, deploy and operate CubeSats with video cameras and communications functionality to create a network throughout the Solar System, filming human and robotic space exploration missions, as well as space objects—planets, moons, asteroids and comets—in our Solar System, and one day beyond to other star systems (yes, that last bit is hundreds of years away).

By providing real video of space objects and events, Sen will dramatically expand and revolutionise the market for space content and give humanity a unique and new perspective of space—and a true sense of our place in space, providing a different perspective of Earth too.

Sen’s market is paid internet TV enabling users to access space videos anytime on any device for a monthly fee.

It will take time and investment to achieve our objectives. We are planning for our first spacecraft to return video in 2017-2018, and thereafter to continue to build a fleet of TV camera satellites. 

Whilst we develop our space television business, we do provide an interesting product that we have called 'Dataspace'. We have three live databases which contain: A list of each and every human spaceflight, details of Solar System objects and an exoplanet database that is updated weekly. We are currently working on compiling a database of robotic space missions too. Dataspace enables you to search data either through a free text search or through a range of custom filters bespoke to each database.

We also publish regular features on both human spaceflight missions of the past and robotic space missions. Our original feature stories and Dataspace can be accessed for a small monthly subscription fee.

We will be posting news updates on the progress of our space television network in the coming months. A video communications network such as the one envisaged will have an important role when colonies of humans are eventually set up on Mars—we will be there providing film of the first crew arriving at Mars and be able to televise the colony as it is established.

The long term vision is to film not only the Solar System but beyond and to try and film the Universe forever. Ultimately, in achieving the above, Sen aims to be a business without boundary in space and time.

Charles Black - the founder

Charles Black is an entrepreneur and the founder of Sen. Sen is Charles’s lifelong ambition to create a space television network that promotes interest and education in space exploration and provides a new perspective of our exploration of space seen through high definition video, with a network of video camera and communication satellites in space.