Sen is building a network of video cameras for spacecraft, primarily CubeSats, to create a space television network that films human spaceflight, robotic space exploration and space objects in our Solar System, and one day beyond.

Our Vision

The exploration of space by both nation states and private enterprise is continuing to grow as humankind seeks to understand the nature of the Universe and the origin of life, and to invent space based applications that benefit humanity. These activities are important for the future of the species, but we also need to see what is going on in space, a perspective that we don't get down on the surface of our planet. Sen believes that seeing space objects and missions with real video will help transform humanity's understanding of the nature of space and help communicate why space exploration is so important. Furthermore, like government activities on Earth, an independent media is an important part of the infrastructure of a democractic society—and particularly important when we become an interplanetary species in the coming decades as a result of the activities of nation states, international organisations and commercial enterprise. 

Sen's vision is to build a space television network generating its own original content, filming space objects and events with a network of video camera satellites which extends from Earth's orbit to deep space destinations. Our unique imaging data will be sold to space agencies and commercial space operators, as well as schools and consumers. 

Our distribution model is online as internet TV.

Our approach is to imagine, design, build, test and launch a fleet of space video cameras that create a network throughout the Solar System, filming human and robotic space exploration missions, as well as space objects—planets, moons, asteroids and comets—in our Solar System, and one day beyond.

Space television will be a unique video data set for the multi-billion dollar space economy as it expands activities beyond Earth to the Moon and Mars over the coming decades. Our missions will also capture inspiring films that will give humanity a new perspective of space—and of Earth’s place in the Universe.

We have started building prototypes of our hardware and flight software and plan to launch of our first cameras in late 2017 or early 2018 when we will release our first space videos. Thereafter we will continue to build a fleet of TV camera satellites, focusing on the Earth-Mars region during our first decade. We will be there filming the first crews arriving on Mars.

A New Perspective

Sen will provide a new and exciting view of space and will be an independent media informing and connecting humanity throughout space.

Educate, Entertain & Inspire

In building a space television network we hope to educate and entertain, as well as inspire future generations to explore space.

Sen’s video communications network will have an important role when colonies of humans are eventually set up on Mars—we will be there providing film as supply ships arrive, habitats are established and eventually when the first crew arrive at the Red Planet.

Our technology will also be used to create a Solar System wide internet that will provide communications between space based and planetary based homes.

During the first decade our cameras will explore activities in the Earth-Mars region. We will then add camera fleets in the outer Solar System to provide ever more coverage.

The long term vision of Sen is to film not only the Solar System but to explore beyond and continue to film space in the centuries to come.

If you would like updates from Sen you can join our free mailing list. If you do, we thank you for your interest, but please bear in mind updates may be infrequent for the next couple of years as we keep our heads down to build the first wave of satellites.

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